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Paavo Nurmi Marathon 2022


By registering for the Paavo Nurmi Marathon you agree to follow the rules of the event.

Registration for the event

Registration for Paavo Nurmi Marathon 2022 online at The participants name will show up on the participants’ list after registration and payment of the registration fee.

All participants will receive a medal at the Finishing area. T-shirts for the event we’re available for preorder. There is a a limited supply of t-shirts on sale at the event area.

Is your name on the list of participants?

If you cannot find you name on the list of participants, it could be for one of the following reasons:

1) you have not paid your entry fee or the payment has not yet been registered, or

2) during registration you have requested that your details will not be published.

If these conditions do not apply to you and more than a week has passed since you registered for the event, please contact the event office.

How do you confirm your entry?

Participants confirm their entry to the race by picking up their race kits at the event office. Please note that registration is confirmed after picking up the race kit. Participation cannot be postponed to next year after the entry is confirmed.

Event office opening hours, at Valtion Virastotalo (Itsenäisyydenaukio 2):

Friday 19.8.2022

12:00-21:00 Event Office open

19:00 Registration for 5 km and 10 km races ends

19:30 Race kit pick up for 5 km and 10 km races ends

Registration and bib pick up for MiniMarathon at the tent infront of Valtion Virastotalo.

Saturday 20.8.2022

8:00-16:00 Event Office open

9:00 Registration for Marathon ends

9:30 Race kit pick up for Marathon ends

15:00 Registration for Half Marathon ends

15:30 Race kit pick up for Half Marathon ends

Please note:

Participation in the event is confirmed by picking up the race kit at the event office. Participation can not be postponed or refunded after this.

However, participation can be postponed to 2023 due to acute illness or injury if the participant has paid for a postponement insurance beforehand.

Cancelling or postponing participation

We hope that you send an email to info(@) in the event of a withdrawal from the race. The participants name will be removed from the starting list after reception.

Participation can be postponed to 2023 if the following conditions are met:

- Postponement insurance (8€) has been paid during registration. Please note that the insurance was included automatically for participants who registered for the event by 31.12.2021. Participation can be postponed to the 2023 edition of the event if the participant has the postponement insurance if they have a certificate of illness or injury written by a doctor or a nurse.

Please note that having Covid-19 or having been exposed to Covid-19 is not grounds for postponement without the insurance.

Transferring participation to another participant

Participation in the event can be transferred to another person until 10.8. by sending an email to with the subject Participation Transfer. Please include the following details in your email: participants name, date of birth, phone number, email and personal address.

After 10.8. transfers can be made at the event office during opening hours.

Classes and Prizes

Prizes will be given to the top five in the open class and the top three in the age classes. The top five in the 5 km and 10 km race will also be given prizes. All participants participate in the open class regardless of competing in an age class. The prizes of the age classes will be posted after the event. This year the results are formed by net times due to the exceptional starting arrangement.

Prizes in the open classes will be given after the race while prizes in age classes will be mailed to the participants afterwards.


5 km and 10 km: men and women, no age classes.

Marathon and half marathon: Open Men and age classes (40-45-50-55-60-65-70+) and Open Women and age classes (35-40-45-50-55-60+). The open class is the finishing order of all runners. Please make sure to check your class before the race. Class changes made after the race will not be included in the list of results.

Award Ceremony: There is a separate schedule for Award Ceremonies.

The maximum finishing time on Friday is 2 hours. The Finishing Line area closes at 22.00 on Friday.

For Marathon, the maximum time finishing time is 6 hours and for the Half Marathon race 3 hours. The organizer reserves the right to remove any participants not over the halfway point of the Marathon at 3 hours. The Finish Line area closes at 19.00 on Saturday.

Prize money for Marathon and Half Marathon

No prize money will be awarded in the 5 km and 10 km races.

Marathon, Men and Women (open class)

1. 500 €

2. 300 €

3. 200 €

Participants in men’s category need to have a finishing time of under 2:27.00 to be awarded the prize money in full. Consequently, participants in women’s category will need to have a finishing time of under 2:55.00 to be awarded the prize money in full. The prize money will be paid in half if the above conditions are not met.

Half Marathon, Men and Women (open class)

1. 400 €

2. 200 €

3. 100 €

Participants in men’s category need to have a finishing time of under 1:09.00 to be awarded the prize money in full. Consequently, participants in women’s category will need to have a finishing time of under 1:18.00 to be awarded the prize money in full. The prize money will be paid in half if the above conditions are not met.

The Event Area

The event area for the Paavo Nurmi Marathon is located on Itäinen Rantakatu, very close to Turku City Theater. The event office is in state office building, Valtion virastotalo.

Starting and Finishing areas are at Itäinen Rantakatu, in the area between Turku City Theater and WAM Turku City Art Museum.

Storage and changing rooms

Participants can store their belongings at the Paavo Nurmi stadium. Please mark your bag with your running number and place it in the storage area. Stored items can be retrieved by showing your bib number.

In connection to the storage facilities there is also paid storage for valuables (€5) where you can leave items that fit an A4-sized envelope (wallet, watch, keys, mobile phone).

Showers and changing rooms are located inside the Grand Stand at the Stadium, access through the Marathon gate. There will be tents for changing clothes.

Race kit

The race kit can be picked up at the event office. The kit includes your bib number, safety pins and timing chips attached to the bib. Someone else can also pick up your race pack on your behalf by giving your name and running number.

Participants t-shirt

T-shirts can be picked up at the event office if the participant has ordered one beforehand during registration to the event. Your racing kit will include a receipt if you have purchased a shirt during registration.

This year’s event does not have Finisher-shirts for those participating in Marathon.

Arrival in Turku and parking

Please familiarize yourself with the route and the event area in advance. General guidance for those arriving in Turku: The start and finish areas are in the center of Turku, east of the River Aura. There is a limited amount of car parks in the city center. Other events and normal Saturday traffic mean that the center will be busy. Good places to park are: All car parks in the city center. We recommend arriving early to make sure that you find a parking spot. If possible we recommend the use of public transportation to the city center. Please note that the route from Itäinen Pitkäkatu over Samppalinna hill to the Aura riverbank will be closed on Friday. The car parks located near Valtion Virastotalo, Turku City Theatre and Samppalinna swimming pool are NOT for the participants.


Friday 19.8.

The races for both 5 km and 10 km start at 20.00. Please follow the instructions given by the announcer.

This year the results are formed by net times due to the starting arrangement.

Saturday 20.8.

The Marathon starts at 10.00. Please follow the instructions given by the announcer.

The Half Marathon starts at 16.00. Please follow the instructions given by the announcer.

This year the results are formed by net times due to the starting arrangement.

Pacers and target times:

Half Marathon: 1:50.00, 2:00.00, 2:10.00, 2:20.00, 2:30.00

Marathon: 4:00.00, 4:15.00, 4:30.00

Pacers can be found at the starting areas with balloons indicating the target time.

Drinking stations

The drinks provided at the Paavo Nurmi Marathon are water and Maxim Sports Drink (taste: fresh orange).

Marathon, distance / distance from the previous station

1. Forum Marinum 2.9 km / 2.9 km

2. Maalialue, teatterin edusta 5.9 km / 3 km

3. Forum Marinum 8.7 km / 2.9 km

4. Pansion satamatie 11.9 km / 3.2 km

5. Pansion satamatie 15.1 km / 3.2 km

6. Ruissalon silta 16.9 km / 1.8 km

7. Pursiseurantie 20.2 km / 3.3 km

8. Pursiseurantie 23.5 km / 3.3 km

9. Ruissalon silta 26.2 km / 2.7 km

10. Forum Marinum 30.2 km / 4 km

11. Maalialue, teatterin edusta 33.1 km / 2.9 km

12. Martinsilta, Itäinen Rantakatu 36.2 km / 3.1 km

13. Forum Marinum 39.3 km / 3.1 km

Finishing area 42.2 km / 2.9 km

Half Marathon, distance / distance from the previous station

Forum Marinum 2.9 km / 2.9 km

Ruissalon silta 7.2 km / 4.3 km

Pursiseuran tie 10.2 km / 3 km

Ruissalon silta 13. 8 km / 3.6 km

Forum Marinum 18.2 km / 4.4 km

Finishing area 21.1 km / 2.9 km

10 km Friday 19.8.

5 km in front of Turku City Theater

Personal drinks

Personal drinks will be on a separate table after the tables with sports drinks and water. If you want to use your own drinks during the marathon and half marathon race, these must be brought to the event office by 09.00 on the 20th of August. Please make the following markings on the bottle: bib number of the participant, km and the station to which you want the bottle delivered. At the two-lined drinking station personal drinks are always placed on the right-hand side. Personal drinks can only be provided for the half marathon and the marathon.

Finishing area

You must run through the finishing gates for the timing chip attached to your bib to record your finishing time. Please follow instructions given at the Finishing area. All participants will get a pre packed bag of foodstuffs at the finishing area.

First aid

First aid points are located at the start and finish areas and at every drinking station. If you have special medical needs, please write them down at the back of your race bib (diabetes, heart medicine etc.). If you fill in any medical details on the back of your bib, please also draw an X on the front of it. The organizational committee oversees the first aid arrangements at the Paavo Nurmi Marathon. The first aid is carried out by Mehiläinen and the Finnish Red Cross.


Toilets are available at each drinking station on the route. There are also several toilets at the event area.


Spectators are welcome to watch and support runners along the route. It is strictly forbidden to follow runners by car or bike on the marathon course. Only participants will be admitted to the harbour.


The routes of all three distances at the Paavo Nurmi Marathon 2022 have been officially measured. The Paavo Nurmi Marathon is an official, AIMS approved marathon event.

Results, timing and interval times

At the event, the timing system and results service UltimateSport Service is in use. Interval times will be measured at two different locations. The specific distances for the interval times will be advised with the results.

Supervision of the route

The organizers oversee the supervision of the course, with support from the police. In some places vehicles may have to be let through in between the runners to keep the traffic moving.

Participants must always follow traffic instructions given by the organizers. Please note that the harbour is a construction site, so e.g. internal rail traffic may occur.

Lost and found

Found items can be brought to the information desk at the event office. After the Paavo Nurmi Marathon these items will be stored at the event office for three weeks; enquiries can be made by phone +358 440 627 973.

Promotions at the event area

It is forbidden to sell products or hand out products or brochures on the route or the event area without the permission of the organizers.

Feedback to the organizers

The organizers of the Paavo Nurmi Marathon would like to receive feedback regarding the route and organization of the event. You can provide your feedback at the event office or via email to

Preparing for the race

If you have any illnesses effecting your participation, please discuss this with your doctor ahead of time to make sure that you can take part in the race. Successfully completing a marathon requires a good level of fitness and regular training over a long period of time. If you cannot easily complete a 20–25 kilometers run one month before the race, the marathon is likely to be too painful and risky for you. Please choose a distance that matches your level of fitness.

Please refrain from taking part in the event if you have any Covid-19 related symptoms.

Nutrition and hydration

If you have a balanced diet your performance will not be improved by taking on additional vitamins and micronutrients. Regular training will increase the energy supply in your muscles. In the week leading up to the marathon you should increase your intake of carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, grains and baked goods. While cutting down on the amount and intensity of your training and saving your energy for the effort ahead, do also remember to look after your hydration. Taking on enough fluids is particularly important in hot weather. Do try to normalise your diet approximately 24 hours before the race.


In hot weather it is recommended not to wear heavy or dark materials. Use tried and tested clothes and shoes. Do not wear brand new clothes or shoes for the marathon.

The day of the marathon

Do not participate in the race if you have any symptoms of an illness. If you are suffering from a cold and related muscle ache, have a fever, feel sick or are experiencing e.g. chest pain, dizziness or headaches you should not attempt the race.

Emergencies during the race

Emergencies are a threat to those whose health is not at its normal level. If you have a chronic condition (e.g. diabetes), remember to mark the front of your race bib with an X and write the details of your condition on the back of the bib (particularly any medication). Drink regularly throughout the race as often as you can. This is particularly important in order to retain performance in hot weather and to reduce the risk of your body overheating. If the weather is hot, please be more careful than usual at the start of the race. If you start to feel unusual tiredness, headaches or dizziness, take a break and seek out the first aiders. Heat exhaustion also depends on the humidity of the air. Salt tablets and using extra salt during the race increase the risk of heat exhaustion. THE BACK OF YOUR RACE BIB ALSO INCLUDES THE PHONE NUMBER OF THE EVENT CENTER, which can be called in case of an emergency.

Welcome to Paavo Nurmi Marathon 2022!


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