Karhu enters to the great partner list of Paavo Nurmi Marathon

Karhu enters to the great partner list of Paavo Nurmi Marathon

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Karhu enters to the great partner list of Paavo Nurmi Marathon

Paavo Nurmi Marathon proudly informs that Karhu is the main partner of the Paavo Nurmi Marathon 2017. Also some new investments in runners can be waited from Karhu.

In spite of Karhu’s strong stems in Finland, it hasn’t been the most popular brand for Finnish runners during the last years. Therefore Karhu’s Chief Operating Officer Emanuele Arese has some good news for those who would like to believe in Karhu also when it comes to running.

– Karhu started recently to investing again in running performance shoes after some years of not paying a lot of attention to it. In order to make advanced products for high demanding runners, Karhu collaborated with the University of Jyväskylä. Finnish runners can expect a big development in the upcoming models of running shoes from Karhu, reveals Arese.

Karhu is looking forward to their visit in Turku
Karhu has a strong relation not only with Finland but also with Paavo Nurmi. According to Arese, people of Karhu are excited about Paavo Nurmi Marathon.

– Karhu is a Finnish brand and one of the sport brands with the biggest heritage and history in the world. Karhu is proud to collaborate with the event celebrating the Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi, the most rewarded athlete in the history of Olympic games. Paavo Nurmi was also wearing Karhu shoes during his career, so the link is even stronger.

Also the organizers of Paavo Nurmi Marathon are very happy to have Italian visitors and a great partnership with Karhu.

– The narrative value of this collaboration might be the most significant we have ever had. The story of Paavo Nurmi and the story of Karhu have a long history together, and it’s great to get those two together again, says Kari Ahonen, the producer of Paavo Nurmi Marathon.

But what can the participants of Paavo Nurmi Marathon wait for the collaboration?

– Runners of the Paavo Nurmi Marathon will have the possibility to check the new running shoes from Karhu at the expo and get all the latest information about the brand, tells Arese.

– And maybe the most interesting detail for runners is in the race pack – that is to say that all the participants will get a technical t-shirt from Karhu, reminds Ahonen.

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