Saturday 17th of August 2019 Turku, Finland

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Are you looking to add something new to your running experience?
How about a unique scenery? 
We welcome you to run with us in Finland! The highlight of the Finnish running season is the Paavo Nurmi Marathon. 
The marathon is named after the legendary Finnish long distance runner Paavo Nurmi, aka the Flying Finn, and takes place in his hometown, the beautiful city of Turku. Turku is an historical seaside town, with an amazing archipelago and nature. The marathon offers you a choice between 10km, half marathon and full marathon distance, so just pick your favourite and join the fun with 4000 other runners. Don't miss out on this fantastic experience taking place in the heart of Turku and the beautiful island of Ruissalo on the 17 of August!

Paavo Nurmi Marathon 17.8.2019!
We warmly welcome you to the 28th Paavo Nurmi Marathon! The date of the payment defines the price of the registration. The registration is not final before the payment.

The price includes
  • Participation to the run you have chosen 
  • Technical running shirt 
  • The medal of the 28th Paavo Nurmi Marathon (for those who have reached the goal) 
  • Finisher-shirt for those who have reached the finish of the marathon 
  • Timing UltimateLIVE results service 
  • Water and Maxim Sport Drinks 
  • First aid 
  • Printable diploma 
  • Unforgettable experience
Cancelling the partcipation
You can take a 8 € canceling safe when you register. If you have the canceling safe and you have to cancel your participation for the medical reasons, we can move your participation for the next year (a doctor’s statement will be needed). The transfer can be made before or after the event, but please contact us for more information.
Participation insurance 
Participants are not insured by the organiser. Each runner participates at their own risk.  
In our online registration system you can easily add more participants to your purchase. After filling the information of the first participant push the “Add a new participant” -button and fill the information of the second participant. After adding all the participants make sure you push “Save participant details” -button.
Entry fees 2019
                              10 k / 1/2 marathon / marathon 
1.11-30.11.               32 €     45 €                  50 € 
1.12.-31.12.18         34 €     48 €                  54 € 
1.1.-28.2.19            36 €     52 €                  58 € 
1.3.-30.4.19           38 €     55 €                  62 € 
1.5.-31.5.19           40 €     58 €                  65 € 
1.6.-30.6.19           42 €     60 €                  68 € 
1.7.-31.7.19             45 €     62 €                   70 € 
1.8.-15.8.19           48 €     66 €                   75 € 
16-17.8.19              55 €     75 €                  85 € 


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